DVD: All good things

By admin
03 October 2011

Romantic mystery.

2010. 97 min.

With Ryan Gosling and Kirsten Dunst.

Directed by Andrew Jarecki.


Rating: 4/5

This controversial film is based on a notorious unsolved missing-person case in New York – the 1982 disappearence of Kathleen McCormack, the first wife of real estate heir Robert Durst.

The story, told in flashbacks, starts with David Marks (Gosling) meeting and marrying working-class student Katie McCarthy (Dunst) in the 70s.

Their brief period of romantic bliss ends abruptly when David’s father, a powerful New York businessman, calls on his son to become part of the family business.

Forced to take part in dodgy deals with the underbelly of society David’s deep psychological disturbances are gradually revealed, which cause severe tensions in his personal life.

Then Katie disappears without a trace – believed to have been murdered, with David as the prime suspect.

The plot maintains a high level of suspense and Dunst is brilliant, evoking deep sympathy for her character’s trapped circumstances. A good watch.

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