DVD: Being Flynn

By admin
15 October 2012

It tells a delicate story of a difficult father/son relationship

Rating: 3/5

012. 98 min. 16LSDP. Drama.

This movie is based on Another Bulls**t Night in Suck City, the true story of American playwright and poet Nick Flynn’s (Paul Dano, Dwayne in Little Miss Sunshine) life as a child and young adult.

Six months after his birth his mother, Jody (Julianne Moore), takes her two kids and leaves her alcoholic husband, Jonathan (ROBERT DE NIRO).

Nick doesn’t see his dad again until one day when the old man stumbles into the shelter for homeless men where Nick works. The movie starts here and flashes back to reveal Nick’s life with his mom – who’s since committed suicide.

It might sound like a grim tale but it isn’t. – a dad who sees himself as the best writer in America, and a son who doesn’t want to end up like his dad but seems to be fast heading that way.

-Elna van der Merwe

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