DVD: Brave

By admin
18 December 2012

The animation is gorgeous and the Scottish-accented voice cast are a delight to listen to.

Rated: 3/5


90 min


Animated adventure

Merida (voiced by Kelly Macdonald), a tomboyish Scottish princess, feels trapped when her stern mother, Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson), decides she should get married to strengthen the alliance between the Highland clans. Merida bests her suitors in an archery contest but Elinor is implacable and Merida rashly asks a witch (Julie Walters) for a spell to change her mother, with disastrous consequences.

The 13th film from top animation studio Pixar is a departure from its buddy adventures such as Finding Nemo. This time it follows the Disney formula of a feisty fairytale princess who wants to change her destiny, and though Pixar admirably tries to take the plot in a fresh direction the twist is poorly conceived and a huge let-down after the gripping first half. The moral message is also muddled: should you follow your dreams or toe the line? But the animation is gorgeous and the Scottish-accented voice cast, including Billy Connolly as Merida’s jovial father, are a delight to listen to.


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