DVD: Brothers

By admin
01 October 2010

Captain Sam Cahill (Maguire) is a model citizen – a former football star on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan and a great family man.

His brother, Tommy (Gyllenhaal), has just completed a stint in jail for bank robbery and their Vietnam-veteran dad (Shepard) wastes no opportunity to point out how poorly Tommy compares with Sam.

When Sam’s chopper is shot down and he’s presumed dead Tommy steps in to support his wife, Grace (Portman), and two daughters. It’s a healing process all round as Grace provides Tommy with a chance at redemption.

Sam finally returns, injured, withdrawn and unhinged by the horror in which he has taken part. As he battles his demons he becomes dangerously alienated from everyone he has held dear.

The film isamasterpiece. On one level it portrays the damage war does to the soldiers who take part and everybody they touch when they return. On another it’s a portrait of family bonds and the intense power they have for good and bad.

Rating: 4/5

Drama. 2009. 101 min. 

With Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman, Tobey Maguire and Sam Shepard. Director: Jim Sheridan. 16LV.

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