DVD: Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam

By admin
08 October 2010

Tween musical.

2010. 144 min.

With Demi Lovato and Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas.

Director: Paul Hoen.


Rating: 3/5

THE gang returns for another summer camp filled with romance and drama. Camp Star has set up on the other side of the dam and the Camp Rockers will have to work hard to prove they’re the best singers and dancers although not without having lots of fun.

After a string of false starts Mitchie (Lovato) and Shane (Joe Jonas) finally become a couple.

But theirs isn’t the only romance to take flame.

The songs are cheerful and easy-listening and you might be tempted to copy the dance moves.

Camp Rock 2 was a huge hit on the Disney Channel and this extended DVD version includes two extra songs.

Fans of High School Musical, Fame and Step Up – as well as tween girls who love watching DVDs during sleepover sessions – will definitely enjoy it.

Bonus: featurette.

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