DVD: Cowboys and Aliens

By admin
30 December 2011

Sci-fi Western. 2011. 129 min.

With Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde and Paul Dano.

Director: Jon Favreau.


Rating: 3/5  

In 1873 a man (Craig) wakes up in the Arizona desert with no idea who he is and baffled by a strange device on his arm.

Just as he arrives in a small town lights descend from the sky and many residents are captured, including dour cattle boss Woodrow Dollarhyde’s (Ford) weakling son (Dano). Dollarhyde heads up a posse to rescue him.

Craig agrees to accompany them when he realises there might be a connection between the lights and the device on his arm . . .

Looking at the title of this film you might expect a tongue-in-cheek action romp, but director Jon Favreau sets a surprisingly serious tone and works hard to establish a realistically gritty setting.

Some might find the idea of a grim Western spliced with outlandish sci-fi ridiculous and a lighter touch would’ve been welcome as certain parts drag, but the quality cast, exciting action and intriguing plot make it work.

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