DVD: Devil

By admin
18 March 2011

Supernatural thriller.

2010. 89 min.

With Chris Messina, Logan Marshall-Green and Jenny O’Hara.

Director: John Erick Dowdle.


Rating: 4/5

A group of people are trapped in a lift and every time the lights go off one of them is murdered. Who among them is the devil?

This is a powerful but short movie – perhaps too short to really sink your teeth into. The plot could easily have been boring but the director manages to build the suspense until a surprise ending. Alfred Hitchcock would have been proud.

Devil is the first of three films based on The Night Chronicles, a series of stories written by The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable director M Night Shyamalan.

As with the Twilight Zone series they’re about supernatural beings who come to Earth and cause mayhem.

Night gives younger filmmakers a chance to show their mettle. And it’s just as well – his last movie, The Last Airbender, was a miserable flop. This trilogy may be his saving grace. Watch out for Reincarnate and Unbreakable 2.

Bonus: featurettes, deleted scenes.

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