DVD: Edge of Darkness

By admin
17 September 2010

Action. 2010.

117 min.

With Mel Gibson, Ray Winstone and Danny Huston.

Director: Martin Campbell.


Rating: 3/5

Action hero Mel Gibson is back on the screen in all his glory – although it might be the last time anyone takes him seriously as an actor after ­recent accusations of ­domestic violence and idiotic statements to the media.

His character is reminiscent of the one in his Lethal Weapon movies: as tough as nails and full of witty one-liners – even if he’s a bit out of breath after each fight scene.

He plays a detective, Thomas Craven, whose 24-year-old activist daughter is shot dead in front of him.

A lock of her hair later tests positive for radioactivity.

Thomas sets out for revenge and is soon sucked deep into a case he might not escape from alive.

The two-hour running time gets a bit much although there are enough surprises and shocks to make every minute worthwhile.

Bonus: interviews with the director and actors; deleted scenes.

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