DVD: Extract

By admin
03 December 2011


2009. 88 min.

With Jason Bateman, Mila Kunis and Ben Affleck.

Director: Mike Judge.


Rating: 3/5

Joel (Bateman) is living a safe enough life. He’s the successful owner of a food extract plant, lives in a nice house and has an attractive, if predictable, wife. Then a series of events threaten to scupper life as he knows it.

First one of his employees is injured in an accident, putting his business at risk.

Next his friend Dean (Affleck) comes up with a scheme during a drug-fuelled night to test Joel’s wife’s faithfulness.

Then a gorgeous con artist (Kunis) inveigles her way into the factory, hellbent on milking the company for everything it’s worth.

Will Joel survive the mayhem?

Bateman is good as the at-a-crossroads Joel and Affleck, with biblical beard and flowing tresses, is funny as the spaced-out Dean.

There are some laugh-out-loud moments and the story is fast-paced but it’s a good thing the movie isn’t too long – it’s forgettable if entertaining fare.

Perfect holiday viewing though.

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