DVD: Frankenweenie

By admin
06 March 2013

This unusual black-and-white film tickles the funny bone, but also addresses the sadness of losing a pet.

Rated: 4/5


86 min


Animated sci-fi 

After his dog, SPARKY, is run over by a car and dies, aspiring scientist Victor Frankenstein (voiced by Charlie Tahan) successfully resurrects his four-legged friend to his own astonishment. Although he tries to keep it a secret, his classmates quickly find out about his feat and try to copy the experiment behind his back to win top honours at a local science fair.

However their experiments quickly go south as they resurrect monsters instead. So it’s up to Victor and Sparky to save the day. Influenced by old horror movies such as Frankenstein and Pet Sematary, director Tim Burton’s unusual black-and-white film tickles the funny bone, but also addresses the sadness of losing a pet – you might be moved to tears.

Parts of the movie might also be a bit too frightening for young kids, but doglovers will enjoy the Oscar-nominated adventure and engaging soundtrack by Burton’s frequent collaborator, Danny Elfman.


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