DVD: Green Zone

By admin
08 October 2010

Psychological thriller.

2010. 110 min.

With Matt Damon, Yigal Naor and Greg Kinnear. Director: Paul Greengrass.


Rating: 2/5

‘Bourne goes epic!” shouts the movie poster. That sets the tone for Green Zone, a war thriller set in Baghdad in which Damon once again teams up with Greengrass, director of (surprise, surprise)The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum.

Damon plays the head of a US military unit tasked with trying to find weapons of mass destruction – with no luck. He goes rogue – mysteriously without reprimand – and uncovers deceit and spin-doctoring about America’s presence in Iraq.

It’s refreshingly anti-war, which is welcome, although Damon is less convincing.

As a section leader his baby-faced character comes across as too lightweight to make life-or-death calls and one soon senses the movie revolves solely around his presence.

The handheld action shots provide a degree of authenticity but after a tense start Green Zone shallows in its second half to a B-grade action movie with a melodramatic ending.

It’s Bourne, all right, but  it’s less than epic.

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