DVD: Gulliver's Travels

By admin
06 May 2011

Fantasy comedy.

2010. 81 min.

With Jack Black, Emily Blunt, Jason Segel and Chris O’Dowd.

Director: Rob Letterman.


Rating: 2/5

TRYING to impress a sexy editor (Amanda Peet), newspaper mailboy Lemuel Gulliver (Black) cheats his way into a job as a travel writer.

He’s sent to explore the Bermuda Triangle where, what do you know, mysterious things happen and he ends up stranded on an island where he’s kept prisoner by miniature people in 18th-century outfits.

In jail Gulliver is befriended by a commoner (Segel) who’s in love with the princess (Blunt) but has been imprisoned by her fiancé, the evil Edward (O’Dowd).

Will Gulliver be able to save the islanders from their warring neighbours, bring the lovebirds together, defeat Edward and win his editor’s heart? Oh, and end up on an island full of giants?

Frankly, who cares?

The mailboy-to-travel-writer part of the plot is even more of a stretch than the rest but O’Dowd is hilarious as the camp baddie and if Black’s default comic antics work for you give this modern take on the classic story a whirl.

Bonus: featurettes, deleted scenes.

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