DVD: I Am Number Four

By admin
22 July 2011

Sci-fi action.

2011. 105 min.

With Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant and Teresa Palmer.

Director: DJ Caruso.


Rating: 3/5 

Unfairly labelled Twilight with aliens on its release, this action-packed thriller is more interested in its hero’s burgeoning powers than his feelings for a shy beauty.

After their race is all but wiped out nine special children are sent to Earth to evade the enemy long enough to develop their powers and fight back.

With three of them murdered, the fourth (Pettyfer) and his warrior guardian (Olyphant) hide out in a small town where Four falls for a social outcast photographer (Glee’s Dianna Agron).

The first half is filled with the usual high school drama but the cast has conviction and charisma.

The romance is refreshingly restrained and for once the hero doesn’t lose all perspective when falling in love.

But the film really kicks into high gear in the last 40 minutes when number Six (Palmer) arrives and she and Four can really let loose their awesome powers.

Although nothing new this fun movie has enough invention and energy to hold your attention.

Bonus: featurette, bloopers.

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