DVD: It's Kind Of A Funny Story

By admin
25 July 2011

Comedy drama. 2010.

97 min. With Keir Gilchrist, Zach Galifianakis and Emma Roberts.

Directors: Anna Boden, Ryan Fleck.


Rating: 3/5

With so many flicks these days aimed at the youth market teen angst has become a Hollywood staple – but what happens when that angst gets out of control and the teen wants to kill himself?

It’s not exactly comedy material but this film makes it work.

Beset by peer pressure, problems at school and unrequited love 16-year-old Craig (Gilchrist) becomes suicidally depressed and is admitted to a psychiatric ward for observation.

There he befriends the funny but deeply disturbed Bobby (Galifianakis), who has tried to commit suicide six times, and a string of other, well, crazy characters – including the lovely Noelle (Roberts) who’s in for self-mutilation.

With their help Craig figures out how to heal himself.

While pulling no punches when it comes to the harsh reality of mental illness the film steers clear of stereotypical characters and the witty dialogue, physical comedy, believable romantic angle and fine performances make it an entertaining watch.

Bonus: featurette, deleted scenes, outtakes.

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