DVD: Jackass 3D

By admin
08 April 2011


2010. 94 min. With Johnny Knoxville, Barn Margera and Ryan Dunn.

Director: Jeff Tremaine.


Rating: 3/5

If you're a Jackass fan you’ll love the third movie instalment of this long-running franchise.

If you don’t know what it’s about, it’s like an extended reality TV show featuring stunts – all involving pain, embarrassment, gross bodily functions and sheer stupidity – pulled off by a bunch of (well-paid) volunteers.

This time Johnny Knoxville and the gang’s antics are just as outrageous and entertaining as before, some of them even more so.

Fans will also enjoy the many follow-ups to stunts from previous movies, although several cross the line where things get just too gross to laugh at and fall flat.

The question that eats away at you when you watch this is, of course, why? Why stand in the path of a charging buffalo? Or play swingball with a bees’ nest? Or get high-fived off your feet by a giant hand?

The short answer is: it’s mostly absolutely hilarious slapstick fun.

Bonus: extended director’s cut, featurettes, deleted scenes, outtakes.

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