DVD: Jozi

By admin
08 October 2010

After Joburg comedy writer James (Beukes) develops a cocaine habit that wrecks his career and personal life, his friends pack him off to a prison camp-style rehab centre.

There he befriends a shady character called Martin (Newton) who helps him escape. Cured of drugs, James makes his way back to Jozi – but his parents have moved to Australia, his girlfriend has dumped him for his best friend and the only job he can find is writing scripts for a terrible sitcom. Then Martin arrives on his doorstep...

Freimond showed with his 2004 movie Gums and Noses that he knows how to blend a relentlessly funny script, rapid-fire editing and actors who understand comic timing to make great comedy. Jozi is even better. Beukes is outstanding but all the performances are funny yet natural. The gritty urban setting adds local realism and there’s a deep yet unsentimental look at Joburgers’ love/hate relationship with their wired city and its crazy people. It’s as funny and entertaining as anything from America, Britain or Australia. See it! Bonus: featurette.

Comedy. 2009. 107 min. With Carl Beukes, Lionel Newton and Lindi Matshikiza. Director: Craig Freimond. 13LD.

Rating: 4/5

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