DVD: Kick-ass

By admin
08 September 2010

Action fantasy. 2010. 113 min.

With Aaron Johnson, Chloë Grace Moretz, Nicolas Cage, Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Mark Strong.

Director: Matthew Vaughn.


Rating 4/5

A nerdy New York teen (Johnson) becomes so obsessed with superhero fantasies he orders a costume over the internet, and voila: he’s a crimefighter called Kick-Ass.

Only problem is, he has no fighting skills.

But when his disastrous first mission results in a steel plate being implanted in his chest, making him bulletproof and unable to feel pain, he tries again – and becomes an internet sensation.

Meanwhile in another part of the city Big Daddy (Cage), a former cop-turned-vigilante, is training his daughter in fighting skills–and soon the 11-year-old, purple-wigged, foul-mouthed Hit Girl (Moretz) is leaving a spectacular trail of dead baddies in her wake.

The three self-styled superheroes team up to fight an arch-criminal (Strong) and his wannabe baddie son (Mintz-Plasse) – who’s soon donning a cape of his own. Mayhem ensues.

This witty, original, stylish British indie flick based on a comic book is fantastic fun and easily outshines most recent big-budget Hollywood superhero efforts.

If you’re not into Kill Bill-style comic-book violence give it a miss though.

Bonus: featurettes.

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