DVD: Knight and Day

By admin
17 December 2010


2010. 109 min.

With Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz and Peter Sarsgaard.

Director: James Mangold.


Rating: 2/5

Well, this is a Tom Cruise action movie so you pretty much know what you’re going to get before you click the remote. June Havens (Cameron in goofy sex-bomb mode) is in a hurry to get to her sister’s wedding.

She sweet-talks herself onto the wrong flight – the one carrying Roy Miller (Cruise), a secret agent in a complicated situation with his bosses.

There are plenty of gun and fist fights but never fear, Tom despatches all comers without breaking into a sweat.

High-speed car and bike chases in a variety of foreign cities? Check. He even manages to land a plane single-handedly. But those are the high points; mostly it’s a lot of noisy, special-effects-laden but ultimately empty action.

Tom’s tongue remains firmly in his cheek throughout although the attempts at humour don’t really work.

Knight and Day just isn’t exciting and no amount of star power can rescue it from ho-hum.

Bonus: extended version.

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