DVD: Lawless

By admin
18 January 2013

John Hillcoat shows he’s a highly skilled creator of sombre moods and violent suspense. But beware: there’s a lot of blood.

Rated: 4/5  Gangster drama With Shia LaBeouf, Tom Hardy and Guy Pearce Director: John Hillcoat 16DLNV Opens 25 January This extremely violent film is not for the faint-hearted! With tough-as-nails characters constantly battling one another, there’s blood and guts pattering in all directions. The movie also boasts the most hated psychopath (Guy Pearce) since Tom Hardy donned a mask in The Dark Knight Rises. As it happens Hardy is also the lead actor in Lawless, this time playing the head of the notorious Bondurat brothers who in the early ’30s ran a bootlegging liquor operation during America’s Prohibition (when alcohol was outlawed). The brothers merrily distil and smuggle liquor with many law enforcers happy to accept a share of the loot in exchange for looking the other way. But it’s also how the brothers nearly meet their match. The characterisation isn’t too successful – Hardy and Jessica Chastain’s roles don’t have enough depth – but technically this violent mixed grill of a movie impresses. It also warns that if you try to outlaw an industry such as alcohol it will merely go underground, leading to even greater evil and corruption. John Hillcoat, who directed The Road, shows he’s a highly skilled creator of sombre moods and violent suspense. But beware: there’s a lot of blood. – LEON VAN NIEROP

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