DVD: Michael Jackson: The Life of an Icon

By admin
21 November 2011


2011. 149 min.

With Katherine, Tito and Rebbie Jackson.

Producer: David Gest.


Rating: 3/5

David Gest, a lifelong friend of Michael Jackson, gives a behind-the-scenes account of the King of Pop’s life and his early years as part of the Jackson 5.

It features poignant interviews with Michael’s mother, Katherine, his siblings Tito and Rebbie, and Motown greats such as Smokey Robinsonand Dionne Warwick.

The film gives fresh insight into Michael’s rise to global stardom, his molestation trial, drug abuse, marriages, children and death in 2009. Much time is also dedicated to the Jackson 5 but there’s little performance footage. And Gest is clearly out to show his friend was heterosexual.

Sometimes you’ll wonder who the real star of the film is – Jackson or Gest, who constantly talks about how he supported the singer as a child prodigy and warned him against more plastic surgery after the first operations.

But this look at the happy as well as the dark moments of Michael’s life is a must-see for fans.

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