DVD: Mr Popper’s Penguins

By admin
11 November 2011

Family comedy.

2011. 94 min.

With Jim Carrey and Carla Gugino.

Director: Mark Waters.


Rating: 3/5

Divorced dad Tom Popper’s (Carrey) life revolves around work – he lives to acquire property in Manhattan for the law firm he works for, and he’s good at his job.

But then he gets six penguins in the mail from his late adventurer dad and suddenly he’s popular with his two kids and ex-wife (Gugino), so he tries to keep the birds as pets.

This gentle family film is predictable but still manages to entertain, largely thanks to Carrey who can wring laughs out of almost any situation.

Here he tones down his usual rubber-face antics and allows the cute penguins to steal the show. He has believable chemistry with Gugino and the two child actors, who for once act like real children and not caricatures.

The story of a workaholic learning to have fun is nothing new but if you’re looking for a sweet, undemanding film for the whole family this is a good bet.

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