DVD of the week: I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With

By admin
19 January 2011

Comedy drama. 2007. 78 min. With Jeff Garlin, Mina Kolb and Sarah Silverman. Directed by Jeff Garlin. 13PG.

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer: Luke Stone

Comedian and TV actor Garlin (Curb Your Enthusiasm) makes his directorial debut with this fine film which he also wrote. He plays James Aaron, an overweight 39-year-old struggling actor who still lives with his mom (Kolb). When his agent fires him for refusing to stick to the lines on a horrible reality TV show he’s forced to rethink his rather unhappy life.

After falling for the kooky waitress (Silverman), who serves him the ice cream he’s not supposed to eat, things look up - but not for long. Especially not when he hears the role-of-a-lifetime he’s trying to audition for - a middle-aged obese man - has gone to a teen hottie.

This bittersweet movie hits all the right spots. The script is funny without trying too hard, the entire cast is excellent and James’ lack of self-pity as he tries to make sense of his sad existence makes him a believable, moving character. Highly recommended.

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