DVD of the week: The Jerk Theory

By admin
16 February 2010

Even if it looks like yet another High School Musical this movie has a sparkle that sets it apart - plus two leading actors with great chemistry and a truly vibey soundtrack based mostly on Josh Henderson’s debut album.

Adam (Henderson) is a budding musician and Mr Smooth when it comes to girls - but when he’s dumped he changes his tune and comes up with what he calls “the jerk theory” - and it works. As a jerk our man gets all the girls - until his path crosses that of bubbly Molly (Dewan), who’s done with dating jerks. Suddenly Adam has to revisit his theory, which leads to some pretty funny dating horrors.

Veteran actor Tom Arnold as the bumbling Father Bailey adds to the frivolity while clubster Clinton (Jesse Heiman) steals the show trying to look cool but not quite succeeding. A heartwarming comedy ideal for a family night in.

DVD of the week: The Jerk Theory

Teen comedy. 2009. 93 min. With Josh Henderson, Jenna Dewan and Tom Arnold. Director: Scott S Anderson. 13S.

Rating: 3/5

Reviewer: Elmari Rautenbach

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