DVD: Paradise Stop

By admin
10 June 2011

Crime comedy.

2011. 90 min.

With Kenneth Nkosi, Rapulana Seiphemo and Nick Boraine.

Director: Jann Turner.


Rating: 3/5

With White Wedding the team of Nkosi,Seiphemo and director Turner showed it’s possible to make a South African comedy that’s as entertaining as anything Hollywood can dish up.

Paradise Stop isn’t quite as sparkling but it has a darker theme.

Two men from Jozi stuck in a small Limpopo town become friends: Potso Mogopudi (Seiphemo) is a frustrated cop posted to Paradise Stop after he got too close to uncovering high-level police corruption, while truck stop owner Ben Khumalo (Nkosi) is trying to escape his past as a member of a heist gang.

It isn’t long before the past catches up with them – with both hilarious and violent results.

Refreshingly free of the slapstick style so rife in local comedy, this flick’s confident take on the quirks of the new SA convinces entirely.

Nkosi and Seiphemo have come into their own as actors; Boraine is funny as the honky neighbour and the script and direction are sure-footed.


Bonus: featurettes.

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