DVD: Please give

By admin
14 January 2011


2010. 87 min.

With Catherine Keener, Rebecca Hall, Amanda Peet and Oliver Platt.

Director: Nicole Holofcener.


Rating: 4/5

Like Woody Allen, writer/director Nicole Holofcener tends to feature highly neurotic characters in her films. In this one Catherine Keener, a regular in her movies, plays Kate, whose husband (Platt) gives her a hard time because she feels guilty about not doing enough to make a difference in other people’s lives.

The couple sell expensive secondhand furniture, mostly sourced from dead people’s properties, which makes Kate ill at ease.

She also feels guilty that she and her husband can’t wait for their elderly neighbour to die because they’ve made a deal to buy her apartment once she’s gone.

But the old lady shares her apartment with two granddaughters (Hall and Peet). Kate’s guilt is sometimes hysterically funny and moving at other times and you have to enjoy dry, dark humour to appreciate this clever, thought-provoking flick.

Bonus: featurettes, deleted scenes.

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