DVD: Rango

By admin
29 August 2011

Animated Western.

2011. 103 min.

Voices: Johnny Depp, Alfred Molina and Bill Nighy.

Director: Gore Verbinski.


Rating: 5/5

A pet chameleon (voiced by Depp) is lost in the Mojave Desert and ends up in a desperate town called Dirt – where he reinvents himself as Rango, a gunslinging hero.

Thus a legendary adventure begins.

This wonderful film is an instant classic. It rejuvenates Westerns with its original take on the clichés of the genre while taking animation to ­places it hasn’t been before.

It’s a hugely creative, intelligent art film that references iconic Western elements – Sergio Leone’s dollar flicks, Clint Eastwood’s Man with No Name character, even Hunter S Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – but the whole family will enjoy the fantastic cast of desert creatures, the mariachi chorus (a nod to The Three Amigos) and the nonstop breathless action.

Best of all, it successfully avoids the syrupy sentimentality that spoils so many animated movies.

It’s an absolute must-see. Rango rides!

Bonus: commentary, deleted scenes, featurettes (including a not-to-miss one on desert creatures).

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