DVD: Remember me

By admin
23 July 2010

Rating: 2/5


Drama. 2010. 108 min. With Robert Pattinson, Emilie de Ravin and Pierce Brosnan. Director: Allen Coulter. 13LSV.

With Twilight mania erupting around him one can understand Robert Pattinson’s decision to take more demanding roles that better reflect his abilities as an actor.

Let’s be honest, playing a vampire in the Twilight series rather limits his emotional range.

Tyler (Pattinson) begins a relationship with Ally (De Ravin). Both had experienced tragedy at an early age. They form a strong bond but their love is complicated by problems in their respective families.

The film is sometimes predictable and a bit melodramatic and the ending feels unnecessary and forced.

It’s still entertaining though and if you think Pattinson is the hottest thing on two legs there are plenty of moody shots of your hero to keep you happy. Bonus:

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