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15 August 2011

Animated musical. 

2011. 93 min. 

Voices: Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway and Jemaine Clement.

Director: Carlos Saldanha.


Rating: 4/5

After he’s taken by poachers from the jungles of Brazil a rare blue macaw, Blu (voiced byEisenberg), finds himself a pet in America.

Then a bird expert persuades his owner to fly Blu to Rio de Janeiro so he can mate with a female blue macaw, Jewel (Hathaway), and save their species from extinction.

Jewel plans their escape into the jungle but Blu never learnt to fly so they don’t get far.

Meanwhile baddies are after the valuable birds and an adventure loaded with action, romance and music – it’s carnival time in Rio – ensues.

The voices of animated characters are crucial to their success, never more so than in this hugely entertaining tale.

Jesse Eisenberg gives Blu his trademark whiny teen nerd persona while Jemaine Clement is fantastic as Nigel, the baddies’ evil henchbird.

The animation is state-of-the-art, the birds spectacular and the samba and bossa nova rhythms infectious. A feel-good fest of feathers and fun.

Bonus: music videos, deleted scenes.

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