DVD: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

By admin
19 September 2012

Ewan McGregor is endearing as the bumbling hero

Rating: 3/5

2011. 103 min. 13L.

Comedy drama.

Reserved fisheries expert Dr Alfred “Fred” Jones (EWAN McGREGOR) is hauled out of his humdrum existence when the representative (Emily Blunt) of a wealthy sheikh (a charismatic AMR WAKED) asks him to help realise the sheikh’s vision of bringing fly-fishing to Yemen.

Though he thinks it’s a preposterous idea Fred is forced to comply when the British prime minister’s press officer (a hilarious Kristin Scott Thomas) gets wind of the project and sees it as a golden PR opportunity.

This gentle film suffers from an uneven tone. Is it a biting satire about bureaucracy and spin doctors, an unflinching look at how domesticity can grind you down, a heartwarming tale about having faith or a witty romantic comedy? It also never truly grips emotionally, but the characters are pleasant company and the scenery is beautiful.

McGregor is endearing as the bumbling hero and his romance with a sparkling Blunt doesn’t follow the usual Hollywood recipe.

- Sandra Visser


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