DVD: Secretariat

By admin
20 May 2011

Family drama.

2010. 118 min.

With Diane Lane and John Malkovich.

Director: Randall Wallace.


Rating: 3/5

Based on real-life events this movie is about Penny Chenery (Lane) who, after the death of her mother, goes to stay on her father’s farm and is thrown, not too reluctantly, into the exciting and demanding world of horse breeding, training and racing.

She struggles to put her domestic duties on hold as she takes over the reins on the farm with the help of eccentric horse trainer Lucien Laurin (Malkovich).

Then a new foal, Big Red, is born and soon shows exceptional talent in the racing arena.

Between her father dying, people trying to buy Red and the farm falling into debt Penny tries to keep her head in a largely male-dominated industry.

Then she takes a huge risk and enters Big Red into a major event.

Lane’s and Malkovich’s performances are spot-on and make for a touching, inspiring and very watchable family film.

Bonus: featurettes, deleted scenes, music video.

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