DVD: Séraphine

By admin
08 November 2010


2008. 121 min.

With Yolande Moreau and Ulrich Tukur.

Rating: 4/5

This well-crafted French-Belgian film with English subtitles is based on the life of Séraphine Louis (Moreau), a middle-aged cleaner who taught herself to paint in her tiny room in Senlis, a town near Paris, in the early and middle part of the previous century.

Then Wilhelm Uhde (Tukur), a famous German art collector, takes her under his wing.

The film explores Séraphine and Wilhelm’s complicated relationship and goes some way towards explaining her eccentric persona and tree-hugging tendencies.

It effectively captures this fascinating woman’s relationship with religion, art and mental illness, and although it’s not exactly a family film it’s perfect for a quiet night in.

A real eye-opener.

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