DVD: Sherlock Holmes

By admin
07 May 2010

In this film nominated for two Oscars, Sherlock Holmes (Downey Jnr) and his friend Dr John Watson (Law) set out to solve a series of murders seemingly connected to occult rituals.

It’s 1891 when Holmes is told byaman called Blackwood (Strong), who’s about to be executed for murder, that three influential people will soon be killed.

Meanwhile Holmes is visited by his lost love, Irene Adler (McAdams), a professional thief who asks him to findamissing man named Reordan.

The real mystery begins days later when Reordan’s cold body is found in Blackwood’s coffin, and a groundskeeper says he saw Blackwood alive and well.

Downey Jnr and Law have great chemistry as the famous pair. The action scenes are dynamic and the love story of Holmes and Adler is told in a refreshingly unmushy way.

Worth watching whether you’re a fan of Guy Ritchie’s films or not. We can’t help but be excited about the upcoming sequel rumoured to star Brad Pitt as Holmes’ archenemy, Moriarty.

Our rating: 4/5

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