DVD: She's out of my league

By admin
05 November 2010

Romantic comedy.

2010. 101 min.

With Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve.

Director: Jim Field Smith.


Rating: 3/5

Kirk(Baruchel), a nerdy 25-year-old airport baggage handler whose hopes of becoming a pilot have long faded, considers himself a five in the sexual attractiveness stakes – a status he’s constantly reminded of by his friends and jock brother.

He’s still hankering in vain after the girl who dumped him two years earlier when he meets gorgeous, sweet-natured Molly (Eve) – a definite 10 – who, believe it or not, has the serious hots for him.

Now the only thing standing between him and happiness is his pathetically low self-esteem.

Kirk’s intelligence makes him stand out like a sore thumb amid his immature work buddies and foulmouthed family – he’s the loser who knows he could do better, if only he could believe in himself and the people around him don’t tell him differently.

The plot falls apart towards the end but Baruchel’s believable performance make this otherwise so-so romcom worth seeing.

Bonus: lots including featurettes.

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