DVD: Tangled

By admin
03 June 2011

Animated fantasy.

2010. 96 min.

Voices: Mandy Moore, Zachary Levi and Donna Murphy.

Directors: Nathan Greno, Byron Howard.


Rating: 5/5

After more than a decade of average output Disney is back on form with this fresh, funny reworking of the fairytale Rapunzel.

The basic story of a princess locked in a tower by an evil crone is the same but Rapunzel’s (Moore) hair now has magical qualities that can heal and keep her captor, Mother Gothel (Murphy), young forever.

Like any Disney heroine worth her salt Rapunzel dreams of adventure. Enter Flynn Rider (Levi), a handsome thief who agrees to help her if she’ll tell him where she hid the crown he stole.

Witty banter, rip-roaring set pieces and tender romance ensue, all rendered in sumptuous, expressive CG animation

and accompanied by show-stopping tunes.

The two leads are endearing, the comedy sidekicks – a Yoda-like chameleon and a horse who thinks he’s a bloodhound – are some of the cutest since The Little Mermaid, and the villain a chilling and realistic portrait of everyday evil.

Bonus: featurettes.

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