DVD: Tenderness

By admin
11 February 2011


2009. 97 min.

With Russell Crowe, Jon Foster and Sophie Traub.

Director: John Polson.


Rating: 2/5

Eric (Foster), a young serial killer, is released from juvenile detention and together with a troubled teen girl (Traub) goes on an unsettling road trip.

They’re followed by a policeman (Crowe) who divides his time between caring for his comatose wife and keeping tabs on Eric, who he’s convinced will kill again.

This film may be about a serial killer but there’s no blood and gore.

Its slow, meandering pace is reminiscent of movies such as The Thin Red Line where the focus is on characterisation.

Eric is a time-bomb and his quiet intensity is where the tension builds – though hardly to fever pitch. It’s puzzling why Crowe barely features in a film spearheaded by lesser-known actors.

The movie’s unnecessary lingering makes it hard to stay interested and while it’s a novel take on an overused character the dawdling pace and sparse dialogue make for a dull wat

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