DVD: The Adjustment Bureau

By admin
24 October 2011


2011. 101 min.

With Matt Damon and Emily Blunt.

Director: George Nolfi.


Rating: 4/5

When politician David Norris (Damon) meets dancer Elise (Blunt) on election night she inspires him to deliver a career-salvaging speech.

But when he tries to contact her mysterious men in suits waylay him and tell him it’s not his destiny to be with her and that he should concentrate on his career.

They’re from the Adjustment Bureau, an organisation that makes sure everyone follows the correct path to their fate – but David and Elise just keep running into each other.

This moving film manages to be engaging blockbuster entertainment while asking philosophical questions at the same time. The strange concept is quickly and convincingly explained and director Nolfi keeps you in suspense as you watch the bureau’s inner workings and plans unfold – but the focus remains on the love story.

Fortunately Damon and Blunt have plenty of charm and chemistry, making you hold thumbs for them to defy destiny.

Bonus: featurettes, commentary.

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