DVD: The Bounty Hunter

By admin
18 August 2010

Rating: 3/5

Romantic action comedy. 2010. 110 min.

With Jennifer Aniston, GerardButler and Christine Baranski. Director: Andy Tennant. 10L.

With a story that’s not too challenging and two lead actors who’re easy on the eye this is perfect home entertainment.

Aniston (the cutest butt in Hollywood!) and hunky Butler take on a script they can do in their sleep, but so what.

It’s entertaining and fast-paced and the wisecracks between a divorced couple who still carry a torch for each other come thick and fast.

Bounty hunter Milo (Butler) has to do what every divorced guy probably secretly would like to–slap handcuffs on his ex-wife. Nicole (Arniston), it turns out, is a journalist who skipped bail after being charged with assaulting a cop while in pursuit of a hot scoop.

But instead of delivering her into the strong arms of the law Milo ends up helping Nicole –and soon the two are after druglords, causing chaos and finding themselves in borrowed clothes in their old honeymoon hotel. Pure fun!

Bonus: featurettes.

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