DVD: The Bourne Legacy

By admin
01 February 2013

Renner is an effective action hero but his bland character isn’t as sympathetic or compelling as Jason Bourne.

Rated: 3/5


135 min


Action thriller

After the successful Bourne trilogy starring Matt Damon, expectations were high for this spin-off about another agent affected by the events of those films. JEREMY RENNER plays Aaron Cross, the only agent to survive being killed in the government cover-up of a shadowy programme to engineer super-soldiers. Running out of the medication that enhances his abilities, he saves Dr Marta Shearing (Rachel Weisz), who worked on the programme, and they try to escape being eliminated by the CIA.

Although the final hour is enjoyable, suspenseful and offers a few exciting stunts and fights, this somewhat generic spy thriller comes nowhere near the intelligence or creativity of the previous films. Screenwriter-turned-director Tony Gilroy spends too much time setting the scene and staging dull dialogue scenes between officials talking impenetrable jargon. Renner is an effective action hero but his bland character isn’t as sympathetic or compelling as Jason Bourne, and it takes a while before you decide to root for him.


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