DVD: The Campaign

By admin
20 March 2013

A silly comedy with a message.

Rated: 3/5 2012 82 min 18LS Comedy After four terms in office, previously unopposed US congressman Cam Brady (WILL FERRELL) suddenly finds himself facing newcomer Marty Huggins (ZACH GALIFIANAKIS) in an election. Brady is in politics solely for the gravy, while Huggins is a puppet controlled by greedy businessmen, including his father, who need his vote to push through legislation that would have disastrous consequences for the constituency.

With actual political debate beyond their capabilities, Brady and Huggins resort to childish pranks to win over voters. Ferrell is at his nasty best and no one does weird as well as Galifianakis, and between them they provide laughs and cringes aplenty. Dylan McDermott, as a ruthless campaign manager, and John Lithgow, Dan Aykroyd and Brian Cox as the businessmen who pull the strings all deliver strong performances.

The Campaign is a spoof of American elections but the ugly truth of how big business controls politics everywhere hits the mark.


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