DVD: The Expendables 2

By admin
12 December 2012

It occasionally takes itself too seriously or tries to force a laugh, but it’s no more ridiculous than the first film.

Rated: 3/5


98 min


Action comedy

Sylvester Stallone's dog-eared band of misfit warriors return with more gunfights and one- liners, although perhaps more creakily than in the first film. This time they need to help a woman (Nan Yu) retrieve a mysterious object from a plane wreck somewhere in the former Soviet Union.

If only the filmmakers had spent as much time writing the script as they did drafting the contracts! Most of their efforts clearly went into assembling the cast. Predictably the scenes with the younger stars are faster and more convincing. In fact, in future instalments Stallone should consider recusing himself from the fight scenes.

The film features enjoyable turns from Chuck Norris and Bruce Willis and every cliché in the ’80s action movie playbook is present. It occasionally takes itself too seriously or tries to force a laugh, but it’s no more ridiculous than the first film. It also co-stars Liam Hemsworth (The Hunger Games) in a thankless role.

– Jacques van Heerden

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