DVD: The Help

By admin
09 March 2012

Rating: 4/5

2011. 140 min.


This heartbreaking but uplifting film is set in ’60s Jacksonville, Mississippi – a hotbed of racial tension.

Skeeter (Emma Stone), an aspiring writer, sees the injustice with new eyes and decides to interview “the help”, the black maids who raise white children but dare not use the same bathroom.

Two maids, stoic Aibileen (Viola Davis) and sassy Minny (Octavia Spencer, who won an Oscar for her performance), agree to talk to her and soon the whole town is in uproar.

The period is evoked in detail and wry humour tempers the harsh situation.

But the excellent cast, including Jessica Chastain as a ditzy outsider and Bryce Dallas Howard as a racist socialite, makes the film worth watching.

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