DVD: The Ides of March

By admin
26 April 2012

ating: 3/5

2011. 97 min.


Political thriller.

When a young campaign manager (RYAN GOSLING) for a US presidential hopeful (George Clooney) is lured into a clandestine meeting with the opposing candidate’s manager (Paul Giamatti), it sets off a string of events that could make or break his and his employer’s careers.

This is the dirty, behind-the-scenes side of politics voters don’t see when glamorous candidates promise them the world on TV, and the Oscar-nominated script keeps up the suspense as the characters plot and counterplot in a ruthless game of political poker.

Clooney, who also directs, is excellent but it’s Gosling who holds your attention with a faultless performance.

A must-see.

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