DVD: The King's Speech

By admin
13 May 2011


2010. 122 min.

With Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter.

Director: Tom Hooper.


Rating: 4/5

THIS beautifully crafted, impeccably acted film richly deserves its huge awards haul, including four Oscars for best film, script, director and actor.

The story of how Albert, the Duke of York (Firth), struggles to overcome a stammer with the help of eccentric Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue (Rush) may be set in a world far removed from most people’s lives but the gripping theme of an underdog triumphing over the odds is a feel-good tale anyone can relate to.

The intelligent and witty script makes as much use of words as it does of silences and pauses.

The friendship between Albert (later King George VI) and Lionel is the heart of the film and Firth and Rush relish their roles.

Firth finally leaves Mr Darcy behind to give a nuanced portrayal of a man crippled by fear and it’s also wonderful to see what a great ­actress Bonham Carter (as the future Queen Mother) is when not hiding under a fright wig.

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