DVD: The Lincoln lawyer

By admin
31 October 2011

Thriller. 2011. 113 min.

With Matthew McConaughey

and Ryan Phillippe. Director:

Brad Furman. 16LV.

Rating: 4/5

Matthew McConaughey is in fine form in this legal thriller based on Michael Connelly’s novel.

He plays Mickey Haller, a smooth-talking, unflappable lawyer who runs his practice from his chauffeured Lincoln car. He thinks he’s struck gold when he’s hired to defend a wealthy young man (Phillippe) who’s accused of brutally assaulting a prostitute – that is, until he realises something’s not quite right with the case or his client’s protests of innocence. What follows is a fast-paced series of twists and turns – many of which don’t really hold up under close scrutiny – but they’re  presented in such a slick fashion it’s barely noticeable.

Along with McConaughey and Phillippe, the rest of the cast is outstanding

– it includes Marisa Tomei as Haller’s ex-wife, a prosecutor; Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston as a cop; William H Macy as Haller’s investigator and The L Word’s Katherine Moennig as another of Haller’s clients.

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