DVD: The Mechanic

By admin
29 April 2011


2011. 95 min.

With Jason Statham, Ben Foster and Donald Sutherland.

Director: Simon West.


Rating: 2/5

In this remake of a ’70s thriller that starredCharles BronsonJason Statham plays a role that’s become his trademark – a stoic, stone-cold killer who lives alone and is paid to handle jobs his greedy capitalist employers would rather forget about.

When he’s ordered to kill his handler and only friend (Sutherland, lending a bit of gravitas to another small role), the man’s alcoholic son (Foster) asks to be trained so he can exact revenge – not knowing The Stath is the one who murdered his dad.

Statham’s character, Arthur, is a hollow shell who kills viciously and the attempts to give him a conscience are half-hearted and inconsistent. Foster is annoying and unsympathetic and it’s hard to believe Arthur would put up with such a reckless liability.

Some of the action sequences are clever and suspenseful but they quickly ­descend into nasty, gratuitous violence.

For hardcore action junkies only.

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Here's a preview of the movie.

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