DVD: The Messenger

By admin
23 September 2010

Drama. 2009.

113 min.

With Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster.

Director: Oren Moverman.


Rating: 4/5

This is no fluffy Saturday afternoon entertainment. It’s a gruelling but rewarding watch that takes an insightful look at the impact bad news has not only on those who receive it but on the messenger who delivers it.

The movie is as grim and hyper-realistic as The Wrestler.

Captain Tony Stone (Harrelson) has for years taken bad news to the next of kin of soldiers who die in war.

Staff Sergeant Will Montgomery (Foster) is new at it and must still learn how to keep his distance when he delivers the stock phrases and not be affected by the recipients’ grief. How is it humanly possible to do this again and again?

Harrelson and Foster are excellent and you go cold every time they arrive at a front door. How will the people at the receiving end react?

In Harrelson’s words, “This is a film that lets you hate the war and love the soldier.” Indeed.

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