DVD: The search for Santa Paws

By admin
17 December 2010

Family adventure.

2010. 92 min.

With Richard Riehle, Kaitlyn Maher and Mitchel Musso.

Director: Robert Vince.


Rating: 4/5

Santa Claus (Riehle) is given a fluffy toy dog for his 1 600th birthday which comes to life and becomes his best friend. He and Paws (voiced by Musso) head to New York to revive the spirit of Christmas – but Santa loses his memory and they become separated.

Santa gets a job as a Father Christmas at a toy store while Paws befriends an orphan, Quinn (Maher), who has been placed in a home run by an exceedingly nasty woman.

With help from other orphans, talking dogs and an eager boy Scout the race is on to reunite Paws and an ailing Santa. And will Quinn ever find a family to love her?

This is a warm, wonderful Christmas movie – you’d have to have a heart of stone not to be moved by the adorable Quinn. And it spreads the right message about the festive season: that it’s a time of giving not receiving.

Charming family fare.

Bonus: Featurettes, singalongs, music video.

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