DVD: The Town

By admin
15 May 2011

Crime thriller.

2010. 149 min.

With Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall and Jeremy Renner.

Director: Ben Affleck.


Rating: 4/5

Doug MacRay (Affleck), childhood friend James Coughlin (Renner) and their gang of bank robbers rule the underworld in the tough Boston neighbourhood of Charlestown which, we’re told at the outset, churns out an unusually high number of armed robbers.

One of their bank heists doesn’t go according to plan and they take the manager, Claire Keesey (Hall), hostage for a short period before releasing her unharmed.

Trouble is, she lives in Charlestown and the gang fear they’ll run into her and she’ll inform the FBI.

MacRay decides to stage a casual meeting to get to know her and find out how much she has told the FBI – and ends up falling for her.

Affleck directed, wrote and plays the lead in this gritty, tense and hugely entertaining heist movie – a welcome hit considering how uneven his career has been since his first blockbuster, Good Will Hunting, co-written and acted with Matt Damon.

Highly recommended!

Bonus: featurettes.

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