DVD: Trevor Noah - Crazy Normal

By admin
08 October 2011

Stand-up comedy.

2011. 99 min.

With Trevor Noah.

Director: Trevor Noah.


Rating: 4/5

Filmed during his “farewell for now” tour of SA before leaving for America, this DVD has Noahdelivering more of his razor-sharp comedy that takes no prisoners.

Spending nearly 100 minutes alone on stage in front of a packed theatre can rattle even seasoned performers but he paces himself carefully, getting the audience well and truly on his side before slaying them with a side-splitting finish.

Admitting that politicians’ daily idiocies make them almost too easy a target he nevertheless finds fresh ways to lay into all the Zumas, Malemas and Zilles out there.

But he has a go at all aspects of SA life – among many highlights is a look at local vernacular which unexpectedly veers off into a (possibly improvised) spoof of an imagined e.tv vampire show – Venekula!

Noah is in a class of his own because his jokes make you think until long after the laughter has died down.

We need guys like him.

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