DVD: Tron - Legacy

By admin
29 April 2011


2010. 120 min.

With Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde.

Director: Joseph Kosinski.


Rating: 4/5

BRIDGES does a brilliant job reprising his role as Kevin Flynn/CLU in this sequel which pays homage to the 1982 original film, Tron.

Twenty years after Flynn disappeared mysteriously his son Sam (Hedlund) is running his dad’s software company when he unintentionally manages to transport himself to a virtual world called the Grid.

After a mind-boggling game arena scene Sam meets CLU, a digital copy of his dad who nearly kills him. Sam is rescued by Quorra (Wilde) who reunites him with his real father – who, it turns out, has been trapped in the Grid after a fallout with CLU.

Sam decides to get back into the real world where he can delete CLU – but of course it’s not easy.

Serious film fans may find the plot a bit of a let-down but this eye-popping adventure’s special effects, production

design and fight scenes will leave you dazzled.

Bonus: featurettes.

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